Hello, tankers!! Solider Kalel92 is here! We will organize an online tournament in the Sunday 10.6.2018.


  1. place: Gunnar voucher for 99,90$
  2. place: Gunnar voucher for 79,90$
  3. place: Gunnar voucher for 59,90$


The tournament will be held in the Sunday, 10.06.2018. at 13:00.


At your home. The tournament is online.

Who can play?

Everyone who is from German-speaking region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland…)

How to play?

The tournament will be played 1 vs 1 in tier 8. It’s played in two win games. The bracket will be published and you will be seeing you and your opponent.  You have to make room in training, and play, when you win, you will send screenshot on officialkaznakru@gmail.com and you go to the next battle.

At what time?

The tournament will start at 13:00, so be prepared 30 minutes before.

How to sign up?

You have to send next stuff on mail officialkaznakru@gmail.com

  1. Full name
  2. Nickname
  3. Country

Maximum players in this tournament will be 64.

Gunnar site: http://www.gunnar.at/

Gunnar fb: https://www.facebook.com/GUNNAROptiksDACH/


Let the best win!