Kazna Kru(Punishment Crew) is international clan with core members of Balkan origin.

We focus on high level competitive play, ESL, WG tournaments and last but not least Clan Wars. We seek fun through good gameplay and we don’t look for any permanent alliances that will lead to hoarding gold or sitting idle. For all interested, we do not tolerate any hard core nationalism, insulting or provocative behavior towards members or opponents. We expect our members to be shaped players with knowledge of how this game works, that can be upgraded through mutual work, practice and sharing ideas. We always seek people who like to try new tactics and can contribute with ideas.

Basic knowledge in written and spoken English is expected.

We seek kind of players that will happily attack entire alliances if needed, just for fun of it!

Our goals are to be the best that roamed pixels of this game !

To join Kazna Kru minimal requirements are:

  • ~1800+ WN7 Rating / ~2600+ WN8 Rating
  • 60+% average Win Ratio
  • at least 8 tier 10 tanks with 200+ games on them
  • preferred mediums are : Bat Chatillon 25t , T-62A & Object 140 , E50M , STB-1 (avg. damage 2400)
  • preferred heavy tanks are : AMX50B, T57, T110E5 , IS-7, E-100 ( avg. damage 2600)
  • preferred tank destroyers are : T110E4, Obj. 268, Obj. 263 (avg. damage 3000)
  • preferred artillery are : GC, Object 261 ( avg. damage 2600)
  • We give priority to medium or artillery players (td-s are stated there just because they exist)
  • Teamspeak 3 with microphone
  • Active knowledge of English language
  • Good clan events attendance (Clan Wars, TCs,..)
  • FC with plenty experience get priority
  • since we play tier 8 clan wars a lot, we need you to have is3 & t32 heavy tanks, t54l & ru251 light tanks

If you you meet our requirements contact our recruiter (not commander, treasurer, etc.) by PM or ingame:

Slasher, Cobra_hehe

If you are interested in joining one of our ESL teams – do not aply for clan membership – contact ESL captains instead.